Rhinos Dancer

1. What age did you start dancing?

2. What inspired you to start dancing?
Well I actually used to scream whenever I got dropped off at dancing when I was a tiny toddler, however since then so many different people have inspired me along the way. I always wanted to be like my big sister who also went to dancing. I got inspiration from my grandma who came from a big musical theatre background. My mum inspired me because she had never danced before and took up dancing as an adult which I think is awesome, and I totally wouldn't have been able to go dancing without her support. My childhood dance teacher Catherine was a massive inspiration to me and I wouldn't be where I am today without her. I was also inspired going to competitions regularly as I always wanted to improve.

3. What's your favourite dance style?
Close call between jazz and tap.

4. What dance school did you attend?
Peace Dance Academy.

5. How did you become a Rhinos Dancer?
I auditioned whilst at university and was lucky enough to be selected for the team.

6. What is the best thing about being a Rhinos dancer?
Being part of such an amazing team.

7. What is your favourite song to dance to?
Any chart song with a good beat, at the moment it would probably be a bieber tune.

8. Where would be your dream place to dance?
As Beyoncé's backing dancer

9. If you could recruit anyone famous to the dance team who would it be?
Changing Tatum

10. What advice would you give to young dancers?
Always smile. Even if you make a mistake, just keep smiling and most people won't even realise you've done anything wrong. I once improvised a whole tap solo at a competition, and just smiled my way though it. Also try lots of different styles of dancing out, there's so many different ways to dance so keep going until you find your favourite.

Movie about your life
1. Who would star as you?

Me... Duhh.

2. What genre would the film be?

3. Who would play your leading man?
Chris Pine

4. What would be the theme tune?
Love is in the air.

5. Who would play your arch enemy?
Chris Pine's girlfriend

If you…
1. Won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?

I'd buy my parents an amazing holiday home in their favourite destination, to say thank you for everything.

2. Could be anyone famous for the day who would it be and why?
Pfffft who wants to be famous, I wouldn't be able to eat the way I eat in public if I was famous.

3. Could time travel to any time when would it be and why?
Summer of 69 sounds like fun apparently.

4. Could interview one famous person who would it be and what would you ask them?
I'd ask Zac Efron if he would be my boyfriend.

5. Could be the lead singer of a band who would it be?
My own girl band.

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